Try BitTorrent Sync, now in public Alpha

Jonathan Riggall


BitTorrent Sync has just entered the open Alpha stage of development, so anyone can try it. It allows you to sync folders between several computers. It’s competing with Dropbox and Google Drive, as it allows you to easily move and share files.

It uses the BitTorrent peer to peer protocol for syncing. This means it can be a little slow to start, but then it’s likely to be much faster than apps like DropBox, where you rely on their server speeds. Every folder you want to sync gets it’s own ‘secret‘, basically a password which is necessary if you want to view the folder on another machine. It’s a neat way of sharing or syncing privately.

Watch our video overview of the service:

As the service is in open alpha, there may be bugs, and more features will undoubtedly be added as BitTorrent Sync develops.

Join the Alpha here.
Check out our full guide: How to use BitTorrent Sync.

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