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The official BitTorrent client

BitTorrent is the free official client for the eponymous protocol, peer-to-peer, and it's lightweight and full of features. It is also available for Android and Mac.

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  • Bhaskaracharyulu Khandavilli

    by Bhaskaracharyulu Khandavilli

    it is the fastest download and clarity visible and i have been utilizing th1s down-loader

  • Joseph wings

    by Joseph wings

    my experience with bittorrent is extravagance therefore i recomment that all people chose bittorrent.

  • Ajay Singh

    by Ajay Singh

    it's easy to search and I can find reliable content and whatever want to search. and it's good app.

  • Amit Rastogi

    by Amit Rastogi

    because downloding speed too slow

  • Nilesh Shrestha

    by Nilesh Shrestha

    it is good and helpfull

  • Paul Anderson

    by Paul Anderson

    Love it to download stuff through its clients. I also use it on my Mac and Android, but I'd like to find a newer APK version

  • Niyaz Naz

    by Niyaz Naz

    good to download. it is very good software to download any thing you think so in your mind. Cons: i dont know about it

  • by Anonymous

    It's great. It's a great software that links me to great repositories of what I need

  • by Anonymous

    good. its good for any type of movies download and any body can just one time shoe how to ioperate then he can download any movie.thanks

  • by Anonymous

    love it. A very fast and low weight software . also very user friendly . love it

  • by Anonymous

    it is best for downloading movies,games and videos.. as i like games so i would say that it is best for also has good picture quality

  • by Anonymous

    can't download. just now trying to download and it will not open for me to try the program. Cons: con not download

  • by Anonymous

    sadd. excellent this program is perfect for download games or programs. Pros: MOre games and download programs. Cons: this bittorrent must have biggest speed

  • by Anonymous

    very goog usefull to me. very fast downloader,i am personally recommended to tell my frnds also, this is very good

  • by Anonymous

    normal. upgrade your server and increase downloading speed.................quality links required

  • by Anonymous

    Sad day. Been using BT client for a long time. I am not happy with the new torrent recommendation bar that you can't disable, and that it told me I was downloading a potentially dangerous file in a bid to get me to purchase products. If you can live with these changes it is still an excellent client with a very good interface. For me it is time to find a new client, however.

  • by Anonymous

    BitTorrent 7. Very well balanced torrent client that we were pleasantly surprised. Any size is 2.5 MB while the other side of the program extremely stable, fast and intuitive. If you have not opted for any of the torrent clients latter could be a great choice!

  • by Anonymous

    torrent is a verry good site. I liket opening with torrent is was verry easy. All my friends use it. I think is any one wood be able to use this no matter how old you are. Pros: good. Cons: verry well